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URL Utility

    This program can do basically two things- it can list all src and href (not case sensitive) values in an html file (basically it looks for the sequence " src" and " href" but it does not deal with ".src" and ".href") and it can also convert relative URLs into absolute URLs. This program comes really handy if you are maintaining a website (I use it with a shell script)- I code internally using relative URLs so that I can check my links even though I have no internet access and I just create the copy I would be uploading using the script.

How to use:
Program Usage
-to print this instructions run the program with no additional parameter
-to print all href and src values in a given html file, run the program with
    an additional parameter being the file name ie the command:
       <executable name> index.html
    prints out all href and src values in index.html
-to prefix a string to all URL values in a file and the output is in another
    file do something like this-
       <executable name> f1.html f2.html
    this would attach to all URL values
    (except those starting with "www.", "http://", "ftp://", "mailto:")
    in f1.html and the output is f2.html
-to ignore all URLs that starts with certain keywords do something like this
       <executable name> f1.html f2.html k1 k2 kn
    this would do as the previous command except that it ignores all
    that starts with k1, k2 and kn

Sample output:
[user@localhost src]$ run index.html index2.html styles
styles/style.css -->> style/styles/style.css
../../index.html -->> style/index.html
styles/ban2.png -->> style/styles/ban2.png
../../courses/index.html -->> style/courses/index.html
../../gallery/index.html -->> style/gallery/index.html
../../library/index.html -->> style/library/index.html
../../faqs/index.html -->> style/faqs/index.html
../../links/index.html -->> style/links/index.html
../../speech/index.html -->> style/speech/index.html
../index.html -->> style/index.html
../goodies/downloads.html -->> style/goodies/downloads.html
../goodies/docs.html -->> style/goodies/docs.html not changed not changed not changed
fdl-license.html -->> style/fdl-license.html not changed
../goodies/downloads.html -->> style/goodies/downloads.html
../../index.html -->> style/index.html
styles/home1.png -->> style/styles/home1.png
../index.html -->> style/index.html
styles/main1.png -->> style/styles/main1.png
#top not changed
styles/up1.png -->> style/styles/up1.png

To do:
    -test and debugging (please report bugs)
        -just try it and give me suggestions (better yet patch it yourself =))

Recommended improvements:
    -maybe add a bash script that would wrap the program (for example,
        URLUtil -l index.html
would list all src and href values in index.hml)

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