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JTowers: Towers Of Hanoi simulation game

    This program was originally a midterm project in my junior year data structures class. I just made it playable (ie handles mouse events, try dragging a top disk) and added certains features. This is an ideal teaching tool and it perfectly demonstrates stacks and threads. I would be glad if many people would have access to this as this program would have more chances of getting patched and improved. So please pass this on to your friends, students and everybody else.

To do:
    -solution of other algorithms
    -test and debugging (please report bugs)
        -just play it and give me suggestions (better yet patch it yourself =))

Recommended improvements:
    -documentation (source, game)
    -better gui
        -disks rounded edge
        -undo/redo buttons be picture buttons
        -more friendlier and more intuitive

known limitations:
    -some solutions are still lacking (you can certainly help)

Contact the original author through Download everything in here.

You may find some documentations in here.

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