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JPolynomial: Polynomial root detector with Horner's method

Best viewed in full browser screen (try pressing F11).

    If you find this to be too big and cumbersome, this program has a stand alone application version. Just download the program to your computer, extract the zip file and look for the README file.

    This program is created originally in the summer of 2003 in a Numerical Analysis class. The polynomial sketching part is based on a previous work in the second semester of 2001-2002. But it used to be a frame so i have to convert it into an applet. I hope some people would find it useful somehow.

To do:
    -a lot of functionalities are not yet working.
        -print, copy, copy functions of the output window
        -iteration functions

    -testing and debugging as usual
        -verify that the results are correct
        -if you know of a reliable software or documents that does not agree to the results in here please let me know. You might also like to patch the software yourself.

Recommended improvements:
    -The program may be consuming too much memory

Known Limitations:
    -Dialogs and frames look differently in Linux as compared to in Windows. (at least in my environment of Mandrake 9.2, Mozilla 1.4, Galeon 1.3.8, and j2sdk-1_4_2_02-linux-i586-rpm.bin). Your better choice might be the frame version or try this.

Contact the original author through Download everything in here.

You may find some documentations in here.

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