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JMST: Minimum Spanning Tree algorithms of Prim and Kruskal

How to use the drawing board:

  • Double left click on empty space to create a new node
  • Right drag from a node to another node to create an edge.
  • Left drag to move the nodes.
  • Double left click on a node or edge to delete it.
    This program is originally another junior project that I made some two years ago, created a little earlier than JTowers. I added the animation effects.

To do:
    -test and debugging (please report bugs)
        -just try it and give me suggestions (better yet patch it yourself =))

Recommended improvements:
    -documentation (source, mst concept)
    -you can make this even more interactive by making it playable

    The source codes use line and edge interchangeably. Likewise, vertex and node.

Contact the original author through Download everything in here.

You may find some documentations in here.

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