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Free Gallery

  • Binary Utility - this is a collection of C programs that makes it easy to- (i) split binary files, (ii) concatenate two binary files, (iii) convert a hex stream into a binary file and (iv) convert a binary file to a hex stream (added 26 November 2004).

  • Kth permutation and next permutation algorithms

  • URL Utility - converts relative URLs to absolute URLs in an HTML file (added 13 October 2004)

  • Easy Diff: Another file comparison program that uses a unique algorithm (command line, last modified: 04 December 2004)

  • JMST: Minimum Spanning Tree algorithms of Prim and Kruskal (applet)

  • JPolynomial: Polynomial root detector with Horner's method (applet, last modified: 04 December 2004)

  • JTower: Towers Of Hanoi simulation game (applet)

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