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Binary Utility

    This is a collection of C programs that makes it easy to- (i) split binary files, (ii) concatenate two binary files, (iii) convert a hex stream into a binary file and (iv) convert a binary file to a hex stream. This is useful if you are decoding a binary file.

How to use:
-to concatenate file1 and file2 and output the result to outputFile
    concat outputFile file1 file2
-to obtain a part of a file named fileToRead from the start to until the 10th byte
    split outputFile LEFT 10 fileToRead
-to obtain the other part of the file (0xb = 11)
    split outputFile2 RIGHT 0xb fileToRead
-to obtain a middle part of the file fileToRead, from byte 3 to 8 (0x means in hex)
    split outputFile3 MIDDLE 0x3 fileToRead 0x8
-to obtain a middle part of the file fileToRead, 10 bytes in size including byte 3
    split outputFile3 MIDDLE 0x3 fileToRead 0+10
-to convert the string "1234567abcdef" into a binary file bin (if output file is not given, the default is bin)
    hexStream2Bin bin 1234567abcdef
-to convert a binary file to a hex stream
    bin2HexStream bin -to make binary comparison between two files b1 and b2 do (for text comparison see Easy Diff)
    binDiff f1 f2

To do:
    -test and debugging (please report bugs)
        -just try it and give me suggestions (better yet patch it yourself =))

Recommended improvements:
    -maybe add a bash script that would wrap the program

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