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Change Log

  4.0.0 03 December 2004 JavaScript for the icons made external
  3.1.1 21 November 2004 Incremental additions in the courses
  3.1.0 25 October 2004 Incremental changes- style sheet, added something in the gallery and courses
  3.0.0 10 October 2004 Modified the sideboxes, most urls are now absolute
  2.2.0 14 September 2004 Added the JavaScript icons.
  2.1.0 13 September 2004 Changed banners, I recently noticed that "everyone" is spelled incorrectly. I overlooked it. My apology =( Removed package textUtil but added cuiUtil which basically does the same thing. Added style sheet for side boxes.
  2.0.0 10 September 2004 Added the banners, major changes
  1.0.0   08 September 2004   First day on the web! Happy birthday =)

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